by Gerald L. K. Smith

The word CIVILIZATION in the mind of the average American implies everything that is decent, sacred and constructive. The rank and file Christian American uses the word as a synonym for Christianity. To him civilization means Christian civilization. To the historian and the academic student of the history of the human race, the word civilization can be used to define the combined conduct of any particular group of human beings down through the centuries. Consequently, we frequently refer to various sorts of civilizations as pre-historic, ancient, barbarian, etc., etc.

When we celebrate the birthday of Jesus Christ we recognize a divine anniversary. It was not only the birthday of the Son of God - it was the birthday of the most constructive and complete civilization of righteousness humanity has ever known.

This thing we call Christian civilization is more than the imitation of the personal life of a righteous man. It is more than a moral word or an ethical decalogue. Christian civilization is the product of a miracle which gave men not only the will to imitate the righteous conduct of their Master, but gave mankind the miraculous qualities of creative genius, pioneering daring, immortal vision and a sacrificial willingness to give all in the perpetuation of the faith and the civilization which has grown out of it.

Whenever mankind was tempted to forget the miraculous realities of Christian faith, the civilization of his generation moved toward degeneration and decay. But always out of the embers a remnant arose, led by consecrated souls rallying around the blood stained banner of the Cross of Christ.

(continued - The Divine Anniversary)

Let us face it. On this anniversary of the birth of our Saviour Jesus Christ we must re-consecrate ourselves to the preservation of a social and national life seasoned, flavored and fed by the dynamic personality of our Divine Lord.

The course of this Christian Nationalist Crusade is marked out for us. We must support every personality and every force in harmony with the traditions of this Christian civilization. We must oppose every individual and every group and every organized force, whether it be hidden or visible, which seeks to sabotage, undermine, belittle and destroy this magnificent civilization symbolized by the Cross and by the Flag.

Subtle and sinister forces, bent on the secularization of all our institutions must be resisted. Organized programs for the abolition of prayers in public institutions must be opposed. Machiavellian attempts by the Jewish Anti-Defamation League and other similar groups to outlaw Christmas carols, Christian prayers and Christian tributes in public institutions must be exposed and met with a constructive and fearless recommitment of our loyalties to Christ.

This is His birthday. It is the divine anniversary. Yes, it is indeed the birthday of our civilization. Let us rededicate ourselves, regardless of the sacrifice and regardless of the price, to the prayerful determination that the enemies of our Lord shall not be permitted to crucify anew this miraculous entity which grew out of the Bethlehem manger, the sermon on the Mount, the blood-stained Cross, the open tomb and the divine commission.

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