by Gerald L. K. Smith

Any nation, any people, any individual completely committed to the divine and miraculous reality of God's advent to this earth by way of His Son Jesus Christ cannot be destroyed. Even the blood of the martyrs constitutes the seed of immortality. When Christians fatten themselves on the endowments of their fathers, their civilization decays. Then souls of character and conviction rise up to challenge the mobilized foes directed by the anti-Christ. They fall, they bleed, they suffer, they baptize themselves in their own blood and their own tears, and out of their graves and out of their hearts comes the substance and the dynamic spiritual realities which serve to make of Christianity an indestructible, everlasting reality. Masses of superficial believers may desert and degenerate into dissipation and depravity, but there is always the prophet and his uncompromising disciples who are willing to pay the supreme price for the survival and perpetuation of immortal truth. They serve not in order to be rewarded or in order to receive credit now or soon. They labor and sacrifice in the conviction that all good and all truth is immortal and that every noble deed performed by man in the name of Christ becomes a part of the fabric of immortal values.

Thus, as we now celebrate the advent of our Lord, it is in no sense the recognition of an ordinary birthday. It is much more. It represents the miraculous appearance of God on earth to feed and direct and supplement and regenerate the personality and spirit of man.

On paper or in the logical mind of the materialist, we are defeated, we are overwhelmed, we are outnumbered by the enemy. We are living in a sociological ocean of corruption, perversion, indifference, unbelief, and a thousand other negative influences spawned and released by Satan himself.

Without Christ we would be the hopeless victims of these negative combinations, but with Christ, the Divine Son miraculously delivered via the Virgin Birth, we have direct access to the unlimited forces and eternal powers which radiate from the heart of God Almighty.

The formula reduces itself to a simplicity; namely how can a man who has access through Christ to God Almighty - how can such a man be defeated? (continued at top)

(continued - The Miracle of Assurance)
How can he fail? How can he lack vision? How can his courage be limited? Who can dissipate his faithfulness? He may fail as the world counts failure. He may lose money, elections and social prominence and even friends, but he cannot lose his soul.

As long as he maintains this divine relationship by way of the Christ of Bethlehem and Golgotha and the open tomb and Pentecost, his personality is a part of the eternal pattern of God's plan and "with God all things are possible."

I happen to be one public figure in American life who has been literally "stoned". I have been "pounced upon" and "beaten" and held up to scorn because of my deep uncompromising convictions concerning the relation of Jesus Christ to the destiny of this Nation and of this world.

A text out of Holy Scripture has given me great comfort during these years of persecution, smear and abuse. It is found in Matthew 4:11. Jesus had been tempted of the devil and resisted the temptation, and following His resistance the Scripture says: "The devil leaveth Him and behold angels came and ministered unto Him."

Some who read this little article may say to themselves, "How terrible it must be to live a life that is subject to persecution, smear and abuse."

May I suggest to the reader that he not waste pity on me. Although I have been subjected to riots, murderous attacks, and character assassination of a thousand varieties, I observe daily the joy which comes when one is completely committed uncompromisingly to Christian ideals.

This is not a self-righteous boast. It is merely a testimony of faith on the part of one who is constantly conscious of his limitations and inadequacies. Nevertheless, I am convinced that the miracle of Christ's appearance on this earth, whose birth in the flesh we now celebrate, guarantees the permanence of this magnificent substance, sometimes referred to as Christian civilization.

I am not ashamed, therefore, to call myself a Christian Nationalist dedicated to the promotion and preservation of the truth which will make the personality of Christ the most dominant factor in the destiny of America.

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