by Gerald L. K. Smith

It is fraud and blasphemy for the atheistic Jews and the misguided Jews that are running Palestine to represent themselves as the seed of Abraham entitled to a deed to the area now known as Palestine. Students of the situation know that leaders of the so-called Israel movement are not even members of the synagogue. They are not even religious Jews. This does not mean that I believe the conclusions of the religious Jews are correct. So-called orthodox religious Jews are those who perpetuate the infidelity of that strange crew of crucifiers who demanded the death of our Lord Jesus Christ, who indeed was of the seed of Abraham.

But Jesus said to those who would crucify him: "If ye were Abraham's seed, you would do the works of Abraham," but, said He, "Ye are of your father the devil, a liar from the foundation of the earth."

Synagogues which perpetuate disbelief in Christ and continue to justify His crucifixion might well be referred to as the 'synagogues of Satan.' The reader says, "Yes, but don't you believe that Jesus is of the seed of Abraham?" Of course, I believe that Jesus was the seed of Abraham by way of his mother and was conceived by the Holy Ghost. God made a covenant with Abraham. Never was Abraham referred to as a Jew. The Bible never refers to Moses, or Jacob, or Isaac as Jews. Out of Abraham's seed came the true Israel, a nation kept apart, consecrated and dedicated to bringing forth a Messiah. The purpose of this sanctified blood line was fulfilled in the coming of Jesus Christ, and as the Scripture says, "Christ was the end of the law." Those who accepted the Messiah and heard His voice in harmony with His pronouncements, "My sheep know my voice," enjoyed the inheritance promised to Abraham when Jesus said: "In thee and thy seed shall all the nations of the earth be blessed."

Someone says, "Yes, but who is Abraham's seed?" The answer is in the third chapter of Galatians, the 29th verse, which reads as follows: "And if ye be Christ's, then are ye Abraham's seed and heirs according to the promise."

The biggest lie that has ever been told to humanity is the lie that Christ's worst enemies are God's chosen people.

Now comes a dispatch from Jerusalem to the effect that Jewish leaders are using the Bible as a guide for the development of the natural resources of the State of Israel. The dispatch reads: "Although King Solomon's copper mines gave him the name of Copper King, for 2,000 years the iron and copper were forgotten by the people who inhabited the Holy land. The rediscovery by the American School of Oriental Research of the ancient site of Etzion Geber, Solomon's Red Sea port and its copper refineries, gave a new impetus to the development of southern Palestine. Along the Wadi Aralia, the valley leading from the Dead Sea up to the Red Sea, numerous ancient mining camp sites have been discovered."

It is the crime of history to think that the enemies of Christ and the heirs of those who crucified Him have been permitted to steal the key to these great resources. I talked to a man not long ago in New York City, who is a very highly informed American citizen. He insists that the whole Israel racket is a scheme that has been hatched by the great financial manipulators of Jewry for the purpose of laying controlling hand on the Dead Sea which contains five trillion dollars of chemical wealth and of coming into control of the Middle East which has in it three-fourths of all the oil reserves in the world.

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