by Gerald L. K. Smith

The Christian Nationalist Crusade is a nationwide political movement dedicated to the mobilization of citizens who respect American tradition and whose idealism is founded on Christian principle. General Douglas MacArthur in one of his great public pronouncements said: "The two greatest symbols in this civilization are the Cross and the Flag."

This statement overwhelmed me with inspiration in view of the fact that the official organ of the Christian Nationalist Crusade is the magazine "The Cross and the Flag." The motive behind the term Christian Nationalist is easy to define and simple to interpret. We believe that the destiny of America in relationship to its governing authority must be in the hands of our own people. We must never be governed by aliens. We must keep control of our own money and our own blood. In other words, we must be true to the Declaration of Independence. That is Nationalism. Like General MacArthur, we believe that the spiritual symbol of our statesmanship is the Cross, which is indeed the symbol of Christianity. We believe that the inspiring dynamic out of which America grew is Christianity. We believe that there would be no real America such as we love and for which we are willing to die if there had been no Christianity. Thus, when a Christian is a Nationalist he becomes necessarily a Christian Nationalist. This movement, which now reaches into every state and community of the Nation, launched its campaign some years ago in relationship to ten high principles to which we have committed ourselves.

1. The first principle for which we stand is: Preserve America as a Christian Nation being conscious of the fact that there is a highly organized campaign to substitute Jewish tradition for Christian tradition.

The most powerful Jewish organization in America is the Anti-Defamation League, which has launched a campaign to remove from all public schools any song book which contains a Christmas carol, or any other hymn which mentions the name of Jesus. On March 30, 1956, Rabbi Nodel, one of the leading Rabbis of the Nation and who heads the leading synagogue of Oregon, in Portland, revealed without veneer or even a sugarcoat the basic attitude of organized Jewry toward our Christian traditions. The Portland Oregonian carried a report on Rabbi Nodel's address. The article appeared in Oregon's leading Sunday paper, April 1, 1956. The first paragraph of the article reads as follows:

"Rabbi Julius J. Nodel in the role of defense attorney for the Jews of the world Friday night branded the New Testament a work of malicious libel and the story of events leading to Jesus Christ's trial and crucifixion a dragon seed from which has come misery, bloodshed and suspicion."
There is no hate in our hearts, but I would be less than a lover of Christ if I did not resist all attempts being made to destroy our Christian tradition.

2. The second principle for which we stand reads as follows: Expose, fight and outlaw Communism.

We have been the most consistent enemies of Communism on a nationwide basis to be found anywhere. When Stalin was alive the news agency Pravda of Moscow published the names in the spring of 1945 of the Kremlin's five worst enemies in America. My name was on that list. When W. Z. Foster, head of the American Communist Party testified before the Un-American Activities Committee, he confessed that the two chief projects for that particular time consisted, first, in putting an end to the work of the Un-American Activities Committee of Congress; and, second, in combating the influence of Gerald L. K. Smith and the movement he leads, against Communism.

3. The third principle on which Christian Nationalism has built its nation-wide movement reads as follows: Safeguard American liberty against the menace of bureaucratic Fascism.

Bureaucratic Fascism has appeared in the American form. It has been a cross between Kremlin Communism, English-German Socialism and Italian Fascism. Fascism, as we now have it, is confiscating independent wealth by way of the income tax and destroying the liberty of the States by way of the Supreme Court. At this very moment we face the risk of a nine-man Fascist dictatorship, posing as the Supreme Court of the United States, completely contrary to our Constitutional traditions.

4. The fourth principle to which this dynamic and much persecuted movement has been dedicated reads as follows: Maintain a government set up by the majority which abuses no minority and is abused by no minority. Fight mongrelization and all attempts being made to force the intermixture of the black and white races.

True enough, the Constitution guarantees that every citizen shall enjoy the privileges defined therein. No segment of our society must be denied these privileges by force or even majority rule; but we have a situation in America today which splits the majority and transfers to this potential nine man Fascist dictatorship a tyranny which has been created by the manipulation of minorities. Subversive forces, exploiting sentimental nitwits, are reading into the Constitution a code of conduct which threatens to mongrelize our race, destroy our racial self-respect and enslave the white man.

5. The fifth principle reads as follows: Protect and earmark national resources for our own citizens first.

America has given away her reserves. We have bankrupted our economy. Our national debt, our state and local government debts, plus our personal debts far exceed the assessed value of every visible piece of property in the United States. This epidemic of economic blood-letting began at a time when Jew internationalists, in control of propaganda , almost convinced a majority of our people that it was subversive to use the term America First.   (go to top)

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In fact, during and immediately following World War II some people who had taken an aggressive stand in defense of America first were incarcerated, indicted and held up to the ridicule which produced character assassination.

6. The sixth principle reads as follows: Maintain the George Washington Foreign Policy of friendship with all nations, trade with all nations, entangling alliances with none.

Our failure to follow the George Washington policy has yielded the fruit of chaos which our foreign policy now portrays.

7. Seventh: Oppose a World Government and a Super-State.

The Christian Nationalist Crusade directs an auxiliary committee known as the Citizens Congressional Committee to Abolish the United Nations. We believe that the whole U. N. project is a subversive conspiracy to destroy our independence. Alger Hiss, the number one exposed traitor, was the executive secretary of the committee which prepared the original Charter at Dumbarton Oakes in Washington, D. C., and later brought about the adoption of the Charter at San Francisco. The original designer of this subversive Charter fought to give us a complete World Government in which America would be only a voting state. Thanks to the Christian Nationalist Crusade, and those associated with us, organically or sympathetically, certain extreme measures were stricken from the original Charter and those who are vigorously determined to destroy our independence and subordinate our beautiful Nation to the voting power of a billion aliens - these treasonable manipulators have never given up in their campaign to subdue us and enslave us by way of a World Government and a Super-State.

8. The eighth principle reads as follows: Prove that the Worker, the Farmer, the Businessman, the Veteran, the Unemployed, the Aged, and the Infirm can enjoy more abundance under the true American system than any alien system now being proposed by foreign propagandists.

Subversives, superficial nitwits and mind-washed propagandists are always attacking the traditional American economic system of free enterprise, but the nations which have embraced Marxist Communism and Marxist Socialism, all the way from Russia through Europe to England, never gave up their campaign to borrow and use and keep the capitalistic dollars, which have been produced under our American system. Not since the creation of the race have human beings prospered and been blessed the way Americans were privileged to exist in this first two centuries of our independence. Anyone who seeks to destroy this economic tradition of abundance should be viewed as a dangerous enemy of America. It is miraculous to observe that this dynamic of free enterprise has survived in spite of twenty years of socialistic sabotage.

9. The ninth principle reads as follows: Safeguard America's tradition in relationship to immigration.

The same conspirators who would destroy our Nation and its independence by treason from within, or by the establishment of a World Government - these same forces are ready to let down the bars and admit the Asiatic, African and European multitudes. This campaign to destroy our immigration tradition is supported by every Jewish and Communist organization in the world. They are ready to smear and assassinate the character of any statesman who stands in their way. Fortunately, we have been able to hold the line; but if the wall ever breaks we will be invaded and destroyed without the firing of a shot, merely by the act of indiscriminate admission of aliens to our shores.

10. The tenth principle reads as follows: Enforce the Constitution as it pertains to our monetary system.

I claim to be no expert on the subject of monetary reform, but the Christian Nationalist Crusade takes its stand with those patriots who insist that we must free our Nation from the manipulating chicanery of the money-changer, and we must establish a monetary program in complete harmony with the Constitutional provisions.

Upon these principles we take our stand, and I defy any cynic or critic to deny that these ten principles do not define traditional Americanism.

This is not a negative Movement. We are not in the business of just being against something. It is our deep conviction that every Crusade must commit itself to a great positive and must be for that positive even at the risk of life itself. The positive in our Crusade is Christianity and the Constitution. Once we commit ourselves to this great spiritual patriotic implication, we naturally must be known as opposing every symptom, every gesture that appears in opposition to our Christian American tradition. These become the negatives. Negatives are valuable only when they appear in defense of a great positive. Men who are against things without being for great principles serve little constructive value in the affairs of this life.

I realize fully that in this brief statement there can be little thoroughness. What has been written has been so said that it might awaken the reader to a deeper concern and a sharper alertness. Again quoting General MacArthur:

"Listen not to these voices that are raised against our (American tradition), be they from the one political party or from the other; be they from the high and the mighty, or the lowly and the forgotten. Heed them not. Visit upon them a righteous scorn born of the past sacrifices of your fighting sons and daughters. Repudiate them in the market place, on the platform, from the pulpit. Those who are our friends will understand. Those who are not we can pass by. Be proud to be called patriots or nationalists or what you will, if it means that you love your country above all else, and will place your life if need be at the service of our Flag."

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