by Gerald L. K. Smith

I was shocked as a young man when I discovered the thoroughness and the ruthlessness of the satanic and scientific formula which the enemies of Christian America had devised for the destruction of our Nation, the degeneration of our ideals, and the crucifixion of our traditions.

I was shocked as a young man when I discovered the thoroughness and the ruthlessness of the satanic and scientific formula which the enemies of Christian America had devised for the destruction of our Nation, the degeneration of our ideals, and the crucifixion of our traditions.

I grew up in the home of strong, determined, devout parents. I was taught that to contradict one's convictions or violate one's knowledge of right, or resist a Christ-inspired conscience was spiritual suicide. Anyone who is raised this way and is indelibilized in his convictions by prayer and consecration is due for "constructive" trouble. A man who has grown up in the environment of compromise and ignorance of truth where there isn't too much emphasis on uncompromising principle can slide through life trading with the enemy and enjoy what seems to be a semblance of happiness; but a man who grows out of the environment I experienced finds himself at all times a slave to truth, because his definition of truth is found in his faith in Christ who said: "I am the truth."

When a soul thus conditioned learns truth regardless of how dangerous its embracing may be, he dare not resist it or repudiate it, because to him it is blasphemy against his Master. Indeed, truth is Christ. Christ is truth.

When I discovered Communism and my quisitive mentality forced me to make a deep study of its implications, I was overwhelmed with the certain impression that it was the politics of the anti-Christ. I felt strangely called to give my life to warning my people, my nation - yes, even the world. To use the paradox, I am 'humbly proud' to confess that I was one of a handful of pioneers in the organized campaign to resist Communism in America, not because it was merely a political ideology with which I disagreed, but because it was a satanic conspiracy to crucify Christian civilization.

During a period of stimulated naiveté I campaigned against Communism, and although most of the anti-Communist patriots have experienced a certain amount of persecution and abuse I was received as an eloquent 'popular' figure in certain right wing areas. I found one could become quite a fellow with clubs and right wing societies, certain veterans groups, churches, and cultural societies by speaking effectively on the symptoms of Communism.

When the first shock concerning the diabolical nature of the Communist ideology strikes a sincere, fearless Christian, the enemy begins to make studied attacks upon him, not in terms of what he has said, but in terms of his potentials. They fear the man who knows how to find truth and fears nothing, even death and ridicule in the spreading of that truth. The enemy knows that in the early days of his crusading zeal the patriot is concerned chiefly with the bad smell in the 'living room,' but they know that eventually he will descend into the 'basement' in an attempt to locate the 'skunk' which is emitting the deadly stench. They are not so much afraid of the superficial zealot who is just against Communism, but they fear in the spirit of an unholy panic the man who starts searching for the personalities and organic sources which have created this, the political formula of the anti-Christ.

When I came into the second degree of enlightenment as a lover of truth, I was dropped into a 'lion's den' subject for my survival to Christian faith and the providence of God. To one unprepared for the ordeal, the second great discovery of truth concerning Communism and its ilk of destructive philosophies, such an experience could be fatal. In some instances it has produced emotional instability, suicidal cynicism and black defeatism. I am ready to say arbitrarily that no man or woman should ever come into possession of this second degree of discovery without a deep, well-tested Christian faith. The superficial babblings and the lunatic sentimentalisms of the average bureaucratic church are not sufficient to fortify a crusading soul for this fight. Only those souls who have dared to have fellowship with our Lord in the 'garden,' in Pilate's court, up Golgotha's Hill, and at the foot of the bloody cross can hope to stand up under the second degree of discovery concerning this plot to destroy Christian civilization and Constitutional America.

I continued my search and discovered that the founder of Communism was a Jew, that 290 of the original 300 commissars of Russia following its revolution were Jews. I was shocked to discover that the leading Rabbi of America, then alive, Stephen Wise, was bold to say when asked to define Communism:

"Some call it Communism, but I call it Judaism."
I even came to the conviction that Communism as such might merely be a passing phase of a deep and sinister plot to destroy Christian civilization.

Mr. Henry Ford, Sr., introduced me to a program of research which he had directed and for which a report was made entitled "The International Jew." I was introduced by him and others to a devilish document called "The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" which is indeed a Machiavellian outline for the destruction of everything the Christian world holds dear.

When an honest man, born and reared in the environment which was mine, discovers dangerous truth like this, he is, I repeat, in 'constructive trouble.' He knows that if he hides the truth, or shuns the truth, or is too cowardly to speak the truth, that he will degenerate into a flabby, mouthy hypocrite, unworthy of the respect of any man and even less worthy of self-respect. To me it was a baptism by fire. I had the normal vanities which come to a young, popular professional man, but what was I to do? Here I was at the crossroads. If I had been less than my father's and mother's son, if I had been less than a devout Christian (while claiming no unusual perfections), I would have done as many of my contemporaries have done - tried to forget it. I would have "swept it under the bed" and concluded that the safest thing I could do would be to take a self-righteous course which would appear complete to the unenlightened and try to forget that I had damned my own soul into the pit of compromise and cowardice.

I confess here and now that I did not plunge. My decision was not quick and easy. I looked down the primrose path of superficial popularity and acclaim.   (go to top)

(continued - The Dangerous and Glorious Search for Truth)
I was made to order for a frothy existence of elegant popularity as far as the unenlightened fraternity of Babbits and patriotic sentimentalists were concerned. Then I looked down the road which represented the only right alternative. This was the road I must travel if I recognized undeniable truth and spoke it and wrote it without fear. I could see nothing down that road except hot coals, thorny paths, torrential storms, mocking voices; but suddenly I lifted my eyes to the horizon of spiritual reality and I sensed the joy that must be akin to the experience of our Lord when after He resisted temptation, "Angels came and ministered unto Him."

Suddenly I developed an indifference to popular acclaim and superficial praise and conventional flattery. I began to feel with a certainty that there is no such thing as happiness in this world except as we obey truth, the truth which is complete, the truth which is dangerous, the truth which has in it every day enough to kill one while at the same time making him unkillable. Such spiritual reality fulfills the truth spoken by our Lord when He said: "He that loseth his life shall save it."

Overnight the satanic instruments of smear and character assassination went to work. I had spoken out not only concerning the attributes of Communism, but the motivating forces behind the conspiracies of the anti-Christ.

When we formed the Christian Nationalist Crusade and founded its official organ The Cross and the Flag, I was politely and constructively criticized by would-be supporters for introducing the name of Christ into a political organization. I replied by saying: "Yes, this is a political movement designed to mobilize the lovers of Christ in the preservation of the Christian traditions of this civilization and the Constitutional traditions of this nation."  But said I to my constructive critics: "I do not believe that any breed of men is strong enough to win this battle without devotion to Christ. How can one fight the twins of the anti-Christ, Zionism and Communism, without a complete devotion to their antithesis, the personality and teachings of Jesus Christ?"

The future of America and of the world is in the hands of dedicated men and women. I labor under no illusions or delusions. I expect to live and die a misunderstood man by millions of my compatriots. I can easily foresee the ugly obituaries of a mindwashed press, a Communist-diluted editorial fraternity, and a Jew-controlled propaganda machine. Their libel during my lifetime is mild compared to their libel which will come when I am not here to answer, but they cannot destroy the truth to which I have dedicated my life, and they cannot destroy the dynamic personality of Jesus Christ, Whom they hate above and beyond all else. Mine is not the spirit of the defeatist. Mine is the spirit of the victorious. Those who exercise themselves as materialistic enemies of Communism and materialistic enemies of Jewish intrigue are in an unbalanced battle behind a paper fort. I can prophesy for such campaigners, even though they pose as patriots, nothing but psycho-neurosis, offensive fanaticism and shifty-eyed lunacy.

Let me admonish the reader just in case he may be naive in the pursuit of these matters. Better that you never know what the organized Jew is up to, better that you never know what Marx, Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin figured out, better that you should never know anything about the conspiracies of these satanic forces than that you should encounter them without Christ. Never forget that the second most powerful force on earth is Satan, and if you attempt to encounter him without God as revealed in Christ, then you are defeated before you start.

Yes, the first degrees of understanding are endurable. If you show symptoms of stupidity and superficiality and want to be just a goody goody vibrating enemy of Communism without knowing what it is all about, you will get along after a fashion. You won't have too much trouble, but if you show the signs of fearless honesty even before you learn the full truth, you will be flirting with death itself, whether it comes in the form of physical violence or character assassination.

Poor Senator McCarthy was young and naive and not fully informed. He was honest and fearless. He never discussed the Jewish question, but he was so fearless and so honest that the Jews were scared to death that he might someday point the finger in their direction. They ran no risks. They unanimously decided to destroy him before he got a good start. He lived and died without ever making a speech critical of Jewish intrigue, but every Jewish organization in America hated him, passed resolutions against him and demanded his destruction. Their acid and carbolic resolutions against him betrayed even their desire - for his death. They rejoiced over his passing, and they have scandalized him with a hell-created formula ever since.

Do you want a life of adventure? Do you want to see the sun really rise? Do you want to have fellowship with Christ on the Cross as well as at the open Tomb? Do you want to experience the heavenly and immortal thrills that few men in this jaded world ever experience? Then I challenge you. Join with those of us who are not afraid of the truth. Complete truth is Christ. Join with us in the knowledge that nothing ends at Gethsemane. Pilate's court is never fatal. The Cross is never the end. Beyond the torture and the persecution is the rising, of the Easter sun. Beyond the vibrating quaking earth which churns the blood on Golgotha’s Hill is the glorious ascension into the realm of things eternal and immortal. Eternity is not a miraculous entity which must wait until the cemetery has exploded. Eternity begins the day when you resolve to be honest with yourself and courageously on the side of truth. What greater truth can man embrace than to resolve that he shall embrace Christ in all the positive values that His righteous teachings imply, while at the same time resisting the forces of His foes?

You may know me as a smeared, disreputable figure, cursed by the forces of ignorance, compromise and villainy, but I plead with you to save your pity. Do not pity me. Outside of the fact that I am burdened by the knowledge that so many people are apathetic and uninformed, outside of that burden may I assure you that you have known few people in this world happier than Mrs. Smith and myself. When I made the great decision I was encouraged by her tender embrace and loving and affectionate caresses. We rededicated ourselves to our Lord and Saviour and stepped through the dangerous door where we have tasted and feasted together for these many crusading years of the fruits of joy which come when one is willing to risk prison, death, smear and ridicule for Christ and America.

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