by Gerald L. K. Smith

The mind-washers and thought manipulators have flooded our social structure with propaganda designed to create the impression that uncompromising love is hate. They would have us believe that complete devotion to the personality of Christ, to the Constitution of the United States, and to the traditions of America is indicative of hate, rather than love. Those of us who have given our lives defending Christian tradition, Constitutional government and racial self-respect have even been advertised to the world by the instruments of character assassination as hate mongers and bigots. In speeches I have declared a thousand times that the human being doesn't live whom I hate, and it would be difficult to estimate how many times I have said the same thing in print.

As the Director of the Christian Nationalist Crusade, I am devoted to high principle and for this principle I have given my life, and for it I shall continue to give my life. My love for my God and my Saviour and my country motivates every line I write and every word I speak and every strategy I undertake.

This does not mean that I am attaching to my conduct the estimation of perfection. No matter how noble one's motivations may be, we are all imperfect to the point where, it becomes sinful to boast of righteousness.

The organized Jew has raised millions of dollars and has effected literally hundreds of organizations and has published thousands of periodicals dedicated to the task of destroying the principles which produce Christian Nationalism and racial self-respect. These Jews have a program which excludes Christ. Their literature, their speeches and their organizational activities reveal that they not only do not believe in Christ, but they hold Him in contempt. In fact, every day they "crucify" Him anew.

Under the Constitution these Jews have a right to be citizens, and they have a right to their belief and their unbelief. In fact, I would contend as a patriotic American even at the point of great sacrifice for their right to enjoy all the freedoms guaranteed under the Constitution of the United States.

As much as I love Christ and as devoted as I am to Christian tradition, I hold no hate in my heart against the Jew - as completely as I disagree with him in his repudiation of our Lord.

Here is the problem. As the years have passed, the organized Jew has become a powerful force and factor in our American life. By the use of money and coercive techniques and infiltrating influence, he has invaded every segment of our culture. I would not deny him the right to make these invasions, to present his arguments and to assert his opinions, but he would deny me the right to speak or write or campaign in defense of my principles.

The Jews' control over the press and the mediums of public expression has become so pronounced that they have been able to make millions of people believe that I am a hatemonger and a bigot, because I want the racial self-respect of my people to remain true to tradition. I am motivated by my love of Christ, my love of country, and my love of my people, but the organized Jew would have my Nation believe that I am motivated by hate. Such logic would reverse the whole code of our existence.   (go to top)

(continued - Love Is Not Hate)
Does a man hate his neighbor because he loves his own family? Does the man hate the other children in the school because he has a special love for his own children? Does a man hate the non-Christian because he gives his whole life to Christian principle? Of course not.

We freely admit that we hate Communism and we hate treason and we hate atheism and we hate sociological diseases which menace our cultural structure, but we do not hate the victims of these sociological viruses.

The Jew does not live to whom I have a desire to speak anything but a kind word, but I want the destiny of my Nation determined by the lovers of Christ, not the enemies of Christ.

The Negro does not live whom I have any desire to hurt or abuse, but I am determined that his bloodstream and my bloodstream shall be protected by whatever measures can be taken to prevent the adulteration of racial identities established by God Almighty.

The Communist does not live whom I desire to injure, but as a man who loves Christ, Old Glory and the Constitution, I will die before I will compromise with his Christ-hating tyrannies.

May God strengthen the fiber of America's manhood and womanhood, to the end that. they may be ready at all times to manifest a dynamic love for all mankind and a constructive hate for every force which is pitted against the divine destiny of God's children as revealed in and through Jesus Christ.

The true Christian patriot must adopt the mood of a loving mother who cradles her infant in her arms. Her first love is her child. She opposes any force, she fights off any factor, she pits herself against any individual who threatens the life and safety of her child.

For purposes of illustration in this instance my "child" is my faith, my patriotism, my racial self-respect. I am motivated by love in the maximum defined in the Scriptural words: "Greater love hath no man than this that he lay down his life".

We should not be too shocked at the libel imposed upon us by our enemies, for even concerning our Lord at the apex of His holy visit to this earth He was branded as a seditionist and an enemy of the state. Concerning these libelers He responded dynamically and fearlessly by saying: "Ye are of your father the devil, a liar from the foundation of the earth."

Love by itself is not necessarily righteous, and hate in itself is not necessarily evil. The appropriation of these manifestations of human expression determines their righteousness or unrighteousness. To love evil is sin and to hate good is also sinful, but what can be more righteous than for a man to love good and hate evil and lay down his life for this principle?

The ambition of my life has been to be kind, tender and gentle, while at the same time firm, uncompromising and fearless.

Let those of us who are committed to these high principles redetermine within our souls that we shall never permit any expediency or promise of popularity or offer of safety to affect our complete devotion to Christian faith, Constitutional patriotism and racial self-respect.

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